I'm absolutely certain that everyone who is reading this has at some time in their life experienced 'desperation' when the need to pee is so strong it's almost impossible to hold it any longer.  It doesn't always end with anyone wetting themself, but in many instances it does.  The percentage of accidental to deliberate wettings as a result of desperation would be impossible to guess, but I'm fairly certain a lot do wet themself deliberately.  Others (and you may be amongst them) won't allow themself to wet, but get to a toilet to relieve themself at the last possible minute.


Desperation is a fetish in it's own right, and many like to be forced to hold their pee for as long as possible and denied the use of any toilet.  There are also many who enjoy being restrained in some way, even if it's just being tied to a chair so that it's a foregone conclusion that they will end up wetting themself at some point.  However you enjoy it, the feeling is that of a bladder which feels as if it's going to burst if you don't let the pee go soon.


There are a great number of people who love to see another person desperate, and enjoy seeing them squirm around or grab at their crotch in a desperate attempt to stop the flow of pee.  I'm quite certain that the majority of you have at some time witnessed such a thing and probably enjoyed watching the person concerned; and in some cases even willing the person to lose the inevitable battle so that the first trickles of pee are seen appearing through their clothing.  Even if it was not realised at the time, no doubt it sticks in your mind and you always think back on it occasionally.  It's certainly not an uncommon thing to enjoy watching 'desperation', even if you don't get any enjoyment from getting to that point yourself.


The starting point of this fetish is obviously in the amount anyone drinks, some drinks will act quicker than others on the bladder and mean thatthe urge to pee is greater after drinking certain things.  In some people coffee will produce the 'desired' effect, whilst with others alcohol will be the stimulating factor.  You may have found that something entirely different will fill your bladder to get to the point of desperation.  Im my case plain water will have the necessary effect, and I only have to drink about a pint and I know from experience that within about 15 - 20 minutes I really need to pee.


As with most of the fetishes related to wetting, there is no limit or restriction on the type of clothing you need to wear.  If you intend wetting yourself after you become desperate, then it's a personal choice of what you want to wear.




It should be pointed out that it's not a good idea to hold your pee too long, and medically it can cause problems which can be severe at times.  In the past, competitions have been held to see who could hold their pee the longest but since one or two serious medical instances these competitions are few and far between.  So if you enjoy desperation, please be cautious and DON'T HOLD IT TOO LONG.